Your Service of Remembrance – Advance Funeral Planning

Welcome to this website the purpose of which is to try to ease the suffering endured by family and friends following the death of a loved one. I can help you plan your own service of remembrance and clarify your funeral wishes in advance. Remember this will be a celebration and thanksgiving for the life you have lived. On your death, your loved ones will understandably overcome with grief.  If you make these advance arrangements then your family will not be faced with doubt and indecision. You will have removed their extra burden of planning a funeral and trying to visualise what your wishes might have been.

Your Service of Remembrance

Amongst other things, in your planning, you can specify the type of funeral service you wish to have. You can select the content and structure of what will be a celebration of your life.  Your plan can state where the ceremony is to take place. You can specify the words and music to be used and say whether you would wish for a burial or a cremation.

Planning a Funeral

Advance planning of your own funeral is not a morbid exercise. Admittedly, it is not something that appears on anyone’s radar as an enjoyable task. Rather it is something which is inclined to settle around near the bottom of a to-do list. But it is an important exercise. The making of an early will does not bring about an early death. Neither does the making of advance funeral arrangements imply that the time has come for you to say goodbye to it all.

This matter can be routinely examined and your ideas updated from time to time. If all this happens while you are in good health, then neither you nor your family will be alarmed by the exercise.

Sometimes a person is facing the worry of a diagnosis or a procedure that is causing concern. In that event there is more reason than ever for this type of advance funeral planning. It will ease your worries and the concerns of your family by making it known what your wishes would be should the worst happen. By leaving your affairs in order, you can focus on living with more ease in the present moment.  Having attended to that chore you can better concentrate on your recovery regime.

Now that you have come across this website I hope you will be encouraged to pick up this neglected task. It is something which may have been gathering dust at the bottom of your pile of things to do.  Dust it off and get it done. This will lift a little nagging weight and it will be one less burden for you to carry on your shoulders tomorrow.

Tony Brady

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